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So many people have been touched by the work of the Booker T. Washington Learning Center. Here are a few of them.

"I can honestly say that if it wasn't for the pre-school, after-school, L.E.A.P. program and college prep classes here at Booker T., I probably would not be standing here before you today. Booker T. has been my extended family for almost 18 years now. Pre-school was my beginning at Booker T. I still have memories of the pre-school classic "The World is a Rainbow" and Ms. Helen's "Blue Boy". I have vivid memories of my childhood at Booker T. So many faces, so much love for one another."


"I have been at Booker T. since pre-school... Mrs. Kim is also my pastor and is always there for me. She goes to my school to talk to my teachers. She makes sure I do the right thing. I know I would not have got through this year without her. Thank you Mrs. Kim and thank you Booker T."


I have been a part of the BTWLC community since I was 8 years old. Everyone here has helped me in almost every aspect of my life, from homework to boys. They have opened my eyes and mind; made me believe in myself and know that I can do the impossible and that God is always by my side. They are my family and I thank them for helping me become the bright young woman that I am today.

Brenye (age 18)

The Booker T. Washington Learning Center has helped and guided me through my childhood and as a teenager. The staff has always been there for me when I have problems at school and at home. The staff was always there to help me get my school work done and guide me in the right path to success. I love you guys from the bottom of my heart.

Chris (age 17)

I have been attending the Booker T. Washington Learning Center for about a year and Booker T. has helped me in so many ways, but they have mostly helped me with my college applications. I like coming here because it is a family away from home. I met the staff of Booker T. in Aspen. Ever since then, I've felt like we were family.

Shakaina (age 17)

The best part of being at Booker T. is that all of the staff and children are welcoming when you come. You get help with your homework and home issues. Booker T. has been like a home for me for the last 8 years. I have learned about myself and others. I've learned how to make choices for myself and to think independently. Also, I've learned to express myself through acting, drawing and singing. I realize who and what I can be.

Danny (age 13 )

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