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Booker T. Launches STEM Learning Booker T. Launches STEM Learning
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STEM Learning Coming Soon to Booker T.  
In early March, Booker T. will partner with the NY Academy of Sciences, as part of their afterschool STEM learning.  Booker T. has been assigned two mentors who specialize in Genetics.  This is an exciting and valuable opportunity for our students, because of the benefits of high-quality STEM programming on related skills such as literacy.  

We believe preparing our children early for 21st century jobs in science, technology, engineering and math will help many of them out of poverty.  Short-term however, STEM related activities will help increase test scores and improve the likelihood of high school graduation and college readiness. 

We'll keep you posted as this new chapter at Booker T. unfolds throughout the year!

The New York Academy of Sciences is the third oldest scientific society in the United States. An independent, non-profit organization with more than 25,000 members in 140 countries, the Academy's mission is to advance understanding of science and technology. It identifies and promotes scientific advances across disciplines and professional and geographic boundaries, and builds bridges and synergies between institutions and individuals.

uniquely ME! Workshops at Booker T.
Our partnership with the Yorkville Common Pantry, has added another invaluable service to Booker T. - one that many of our young girls will look forward to.  Every Wednesday, starting Feb. 8th, Tricia Taylor a clinical social work intern at Hunter College will run hourly workshops that will focus on building positive self-esteem.  Created by the Girl Scouts of the USA and Unilever, the uniquely ME! program is designed to foster positive self-esteem among girls, ages 8-17. 

The program aims to address the challenges girls face in their daily lives, in addition to helping girls build a strong sense of self, develop healthy relationships and take care of their bodies and minds.  Ms. Taylor will conduct all workshops and activities, and will lead exercises about recognizing one's strengths and best attributes, handling peer pressure, developing a positive body image, identifying personal interests and core values and much more.  Sessions are from 5pm to 6pm and will last for eight weeks. 

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