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Back to School...

Back to School...
So summer vacation is gone and back to school go our children. At Booker T. we are ready and excited for what promises to be an exciting and memorable school year.
A Few of Our Programs

  • Turning Point
    Turning Point was created for adults in the community interested in pursuing a GED, obtaining remedial education in preparation for college, or receiving computer training for career advancement.
  • New Generations
    This initiative serves high school students who are determined to be the first members of their families to go to college.
  • Y - L.E.A.D.
    Y – L.E.A.D. (Youth for Leadership, Education, Achievement and Discipline); focuses on aiding adolescents from our community in developing the skills they need to become successful adults.

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What People Are Saying...

I have been a part of the BTWLC community since I was 8 years old. Everyone here has helped me in almost every aspect of my life, from homework to boys. They have opened my eyes and mind; made me believe in myself and know that I can do the impossible and that God is always by my side. They are my family and I thank them for helping me become the bright young woman that I am today.

Brenye (age 18)

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Our Mission
The Booker T. Washington Learning Center’s mission is to break the cycle of inadequate education, poverty and despair, which pervades East Harlem, while working to maintain a viable and hopeful community.

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A Recap of Our Past Year...

A Recap of Our Past Year...

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